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What If We’re Still In Lockdown 5 Years Later?

It’s 7 August 2021. As I type this, I am lying on my couch, with one hand in a potato chip bag (since we’re still working from home). The scorching heat from outside clouds my mind as I struggle to keep up with my thoughts. 

A few days ago, there were protests being held regarding the change of government and justice for contract doctors. Just yesterday, there was also a RM1 million lawsuit against Ain Husniza, the girl that spoke up against Malaysian school’s rape culture. 

So much is happening and basically we’re all just hanging on by a thread at this point. Oh, did I mention we’re in lockdown, still? How are things going on your side in 2026?

Lockdown’s Still In Motion

A girl sitting on the couch on her phone looking sad and bored
Staying home can be boring sometimes but it’s a lot better than risking going outside. Source from PropertyGuru

We’ve been in lockdown for a year and a half now. The numbers are (very) high, variants are multiplying and it’s not safe to get out of the house without so much as a double or triple mask and visor. For extra precaution, you should wear gloves as well. 

This is what’s happening at the moment. We went from zero cases to 20,000 in a span of a year. We’re kind of going backwards now, but I’m still hopeful. We’ve done it before, who’s to say we can’t do it again. But how much longer do we have to stay inside before we reach zero cases again?

It’s a little bit suffocating sometimes and upsetting. I haven’t seen my other family members in a very long time. I’ve been at home for so long that I forgot what it’s like to have normal human interaction. By that, I mean with other people besides my parents and the postmen. 

I really hope the future’s a lot better. 

It’s better, right? Please tell me it’s so much better!

What’s The Sitch?

Cartoon Scientists doing Covid research on the world
The virus is still new and there’s so much to learn about it. Source from Quartz

I read somewhere that the virus is here to stay. I’m not going to lie, I’m lowkey scared. I get my second dose of the vaccine at the end of the month, so I think I’ll be fine…right? Although, there was news that some people may still get the delta variant version of COVID-19 even though they’ve been vaccinated. 

So, I guess the best way to not get infected is to stay at home, wash your hands and cover yourself up. Also, maybe hope for the best? I mean, you never really go out anyway, a couple more years in isolation won’t hurt you… that bad. 

Speaking of isolation, are you married now or are you still in that headspace of being alone? It’s alright either way. I don’t expect you to do anything you don’t want to. Times are changing and you have so many other more pressing issues to worry about than weddings. It’s alright, take your time. It’s not like you have anywhere to go.

I heard on the news that we could potentially be in and out of lockdown for the next few years. This is still a new virus, so we can’t be comfortable yet. There’s so many things we don’t know about it. They’re even multiplying into more severe ones and people aren’t taking it seriously at all. 

If what I’ve been reading about the virus is true, I think we’re not really headed to a COVID-19-free future at all, rather, we’re just learning how to tiptoe around it.

It seems like we’re not getting rid of this virus anytime soon. It’s terrifying to say out loud, but it feels like this virus is here to stay. There is a recovery outlook that’s in action but it seems to be working pretty slowly here.

When Is It Our Turn? What Else Are We Waiting For?

hand washing and sanitizing
If Malaysians as a whole adhered to SOPs, we’d be out of this a whole lot sooner. Source from Dribble

Other countries are starting to open up their doors for travel and we’re just here to observe from afar for the time being. Am I bitter about it? Yeah, a little bit. It’s still very unsafe for us to travel and it’ll be irresponsible if we ignore the dangers just to have fun for a few days, won’t it?

With the virus, people’s personal behaviour starts to change, such as their hand-washing habits and wearing masks, which are persisting beyond strict lockdown, helping to stem the tide of infections. In hindsight, it’s a good practice to get used to. 

Besides COVID-19, there are still other diseases hanging around so better safe than sorry. We wouldn’t want other unwanted diseases paying us a visit.

That brings us back to the never-ending question of “will we have lockdowns in the future?”. Realistically, if the virus is still not contained, there would still be some from time to time. To actually contain it, we Malaysians, all of us, must play our part in following the SOPs.

Lockdowns? Still?!

A restaurant sign that says "Closed Due To COVID-19"
The future would be looking a little grim if we’re still in lockdown after five years. Source from HR Grapevine

Okay, so what do I do to not be in lockdown for the next five years? 

I should obviously stay at home, I know that much. Take very good care of my health. Make sure my family does the same too, because if I’m the only one doing it, then what’s the point?

Also, we need to support our medical officials by listening to their advice on how to handle the COVID-19 pandemic and maybe, we won’t still be here five years later.

So, let’s just say (touch wood) that you’re five years into the future and you’re still in a lockdown, how does it feel? Do you still have the same opinions on them like before, or do you still think:

If Lockdowns Really Do Work, Then Why Aren’t The Numbers Down Yet?

police behind a police tape in lockdown