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5 Ways To Stop Your Aunties From Asking “Still Single Ah?” This CNY

Welcome back to another year of “Eh, when you getting married ah?” this time, with more flair.

You’re 28 (or older), you’re (somewhat) stable and you’re nearing the end of your so called “young life” so what else can you do other than to get married? Because obviously, as they say, your life only starts after getting married. Because all the hard work before that was just practice. *eye twitch*

My question here is; Aren’t you guys tired of being asked the same question and getting the same answer?

If I have a boyfriend, I’ll tell you. If I’m getting married, I’ll also tell you.

I won’t keep it to myself. Who else will come to my wedding and gossip about how the wedding dress I chose is too inappropriate, or that the food at my venue isn’t up to par but not you guys?

But yeah, if you’re still getting questions like these, here are some not-full-proof-but-you-can-definitely-try ways you can get a partner for Chinese New Year to stop their non-stop questions.

1. Hire Someone

rent a boyfriend
It doesn’t quite look like this, but it’s kind of the same. Source from The Star

Yeah, we’re starting off strong here. 

If you can’t find someone in time for Chinese New Year and you just absolutely dread answering questions that are related to your love life — especially when you’re still single — what better way to avoid them than to just rent yourself a boyfriend? 

There are a lot of apps out there offering these types of services for your perusal. All you’ve got to do is browse.

But please, make sure that you’re also taking necessary precautions to make sure who you’re bringing back home isn’t a weirdo. Lay down the ground rules of what you want them to do and make sure you’re both on the same page. 

This is kind of fun because you get to come up with backstories for your fake partner and basically live your imaginary love life for a day or two.

2. Sign Up On Dating Apps

dating apps
There are lots to choose from. Source from CNET

It’s the age of online dating, didn’t you know?

If you want to meet someone fast and in time for Chinese New Year, there are apps that fit just your needs. You have Tinder, which, albeit is mostly for hookups nowadays, but you can still find some nice people on there that can accompany you to your CNY family dinners if you ask nicely.

There’s even Facebook Dating now. Well, I don’t know if it’s now or I’ve just recently discovered it but still, there are a lot of online platforms that you can use for the sole purpose of getting a date for the Lunar New Year. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt for you to use it properly in search of love, but we’re in a time crunch here. 

But if you’d like to still keep seeing them after the new year’s over, why not, right?

3. Speed Dating

speed dating
You’re on a time crunch so you’ll either find someone real quick or you walk out alone. Source from Behance 

Did you know speed dating is a thing here?

You can actually attend speed dating events that can help you land a partner.  This works similarly to the dating apps but in person. They mostly have a time limit on how long you can talk to someone, so you’re going to have to write down your questions and breeze through them a little faster than normal to find a good match. 

If you found someone you like but the time’s over, you can ask for their phone numbers so you can talk again after the event’s over. I honestly think speed dating is actually a great idea. You can find someone you like quickly and not waste time with any small talk. 

It’s a great way to meet new people too, so if you don’t manage to find someone in time, the least you can do is make a friend and maybe bring them back home for new year’s instead.

4. Use Your Friends

use friends
If you don’t trust dating apps, trust your friends to matchmake you instead. Source from The New York Times

Let me ask you this: What’s the use of having many friends if they can’t help you out when you need it?

I’m using the term “help out” very loosely here.

You can always ask your friend to matchmake you with their other friends. I feel like this is a common occurrence. I’ve heard a lot of stories of friends who have been together for a long time, and even gotten married, that have been introduced by their other friends. So why can’t it work for you as well? 

If you don’t have any friends, I’m really sorry. Maybe you can skip this part. Or maybe you can go out and start making friends too? And when y’all are comfortable with each other, you can ask them if they have any friends they can recommend to you. 

It might take a long time, but with patience and vigilance, you won’t be single again next year. Hopefully.

5. Let It Happen

let it happen
People are still going to ask you things, so let them. Source from The Guardian

Sometimes, you just have to let nature take its course.

If you weren’t meant to have a partner in time for CNY, then why fight that?

Besides, why can’t you be single? You’re already doing fine on your own. The mentality that life only starts when you’ve found a partner to marry is outdated. We live in an era of independence. Let men and women be single if they’re happy and don’t pressure them into relationships that they don’t want.

Now tell your family that. Tell your family and friends that you don’t need any extra baggage this CNY. And they won’t have another mouth to feed. Isn’t that a win-win? If you don’t have a partner yet, there must be a good reason for it. The stars aren’t aligned for you to be meeting anyone new at the moment.

Let it happen naturally and you’ll be a lot happier with the relationship rather than bringing someone home out of obligation. Don’t let your family bully you into thinking that you need a partner!

Do It At Your Own Pace

being single
Be in a relationship when you want to, don’t let others be why. Source from WiffleGif

Let’s be clear, this is just how to get a partner in time for CNY but not to keep a partner, okay? But if there are any flowers blooming in your garden while it happens, then good for you!

If it doesn’t work this year, then better luck next year, I guess. I’m kidding. Why rush?

You’re young, don’t worry so much! You have 11 months to find the right match for you. You can keep using these suggestions or you could just wait it out. In the meantime, if you’re still not ready for a partner in time for CNY, then just go single. Besides, they’re just questions. It’s not going to hurt you. *cue horror movie music* 

But if it really does bother you, maybe try giving this a read:

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