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5 Ways To Make Small Things Look Bigger

Do you have a small room? Are you always looking for ways to make your room look… bigger? I mean, it’s not like it’s exactly an eyesore or anything but it just seems like everything’s so cluttered and out of place, and you just don’t know what to do with half the things in it or even where to put it. 

And I see you’ve been contemplating a minimalist lifestyle but let’s be real, with your online shopping addiction and your hoarding tendencies, do you really think you can be a minimalist?

So let me help you out with your room decoration journey and make your room look like it’s a lot bigger than it is without sacrificing your “hobbies”, yes?

Shelves, Shelves, Shelves 

You can have multiple shelves installed in your small room that’s not only for books, but other valuables as well. Source from ON&ON

When in doubt, install some shelves. That’s not to say that you should install a lot of them. You don’t want your room to look like a storage room. What I mean by installing shelves is that it would very much help you to organise your stuff in a more systematic way. Shelves help you keep your things away safe and sound without sacrificing any open spaces you might have on the ground.

Plus, shelves make it easier for you to see where everything is. You can also label your shelves so that you won’t have to turn your room inside out looking for things. Take note that the arrangement of your shelves also play an important role in making your room look less busy.

To make your room look spacious than it is, your shelves should be placed close to the ceiling. According to hative.com, this forces the eye to look up, making the room appear larger and freeing up floor space, making it appear taller than it is.

Sofa Bed 

sofa bed
This sofa bed not only looks comfortable, but can also store some of your goodies for a late night snack. Source from Office Gap Supply

When you have a small room, you’ll try your best to make everything fit. Sometimes, a bed may be too big and takes space away from your other valuables. So why not substitute your bed for a sofa bed instead? And I know what you’re thinking, “you want me to sleep… on a sofa bed?” Yes, hear me out, that way, you’ll have two furniture options for the price of one. And contrary to popular belief, they’re quite comfortable. 

And if you’re not using the bed, you can fold it up and make it into a sofa so that you can save space for your floor. There are multiple furniture stores that sell comfortable sofa beds, you just have to find the right one for you!

Paint Stripes

paint stripes
Stripes apparently make rooms look a lot more spacious. Source from teahub.io

Yeah, this is an odd one. I never really understood the concept of paint and what it has to do with making a room look bigger or smaller. But apparently, it works — especially when dealing with small rooms. Stripes are supposed to give off the illusion of more space. 

According to research on how wall space influences interior space perception, ​​stripe patterns with higher densities make rooms appear wider and higher than plain walls. So if you want your room to appear like it’s spacious, just add some stripes onto your walls and you’ll be good to go.

Storage Chairs 

storage chairs
You can keep your belongings hidden as well as have a chair available for guests to sit on. Source from Carousell

Besides having a sofa bed, you can also incorporate other furniture that can serve as more than one purpose. For one, you can get one of those storage chairs for your room. If you have a lot of things around your room that you don’t want to get rid of but also find it hard to organise, purchasing these storage chairs would probably help you a whole lot. 

Not only do they hide the fact that you’re a hoarder, they also serve as a chair for you or your guests to sit on. You can purchase these kinds of chairs from Shopee or even Ikea

Side Table Charging Station

bed side table and charger
You can keep your essentials and charge your phone at the same time. Source from Ubuy

You may ask yourself, “how am I supposed to keep all my important stuff within reach as well as keep my aesthetic and not have visible wires around?” Well, you’re in luck because we’re living in the age of technology where you can have a bedside table with a built-in charger in it all in one! Isn’t this a better solution instead of having pesky extension cords and wires strewn all over your room? 

This cute bedside table can accommodate your essentials and keep your phone charged without added clutter. You can find one of these in Lazada at the price of RM813.37. If you’re not keen on that idea, you can also opt for a more organised way to keep your wires hidden by using a cable cover that you can purchase on Lazada.

Keep What You Must and Throw Away The Rest

Is it also too much to ask that you should maybe declutter your room? You could maybe have a better way of organising your small room if you can actually see what you need and what you don’t. I understand that some trinkets are just way too valuable to throw away but maybe try? 

A sure way of keeping your room spacious and breathable is having the ability to actually see your room in the first place. With all the clutter that’s going on, of course you feel like you’re out of place and unorganised. So with all the furniture and decor ideas that we’ve suggested, hopefully it would help lessen that burden. 

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